Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bumps On Forehead Herpes?

Plagues - Gloria

Yep! I put it on the blog. Gloria of Scourge (or Flos), a huge garage classic Quebecois, a black diamond cut in the granite. Or something like that.

Andre, Alain Richard and Maurice, the four flos Lachute, were discovered by Tony Roman, who pitches in their hometown, saw them in concert and succumbed to the allure of this young and inquisitive group. "First because they were doing well and also because people would find it's cute ", do we learn in the journal Featured Photo 30 July 1966.

plagues, such qu'orthographié their unique 45s, have left only one contribution to the history Quebec garage. It is a simple label Canusa, you guessed it, Tony Roman, gathering twice: Gloria Them and the standard pop Hello Lili Ma, then interpreted success by Pierre Perpall. It was in 1966's premier garage rock.
Hello My Lili was also found on the compilation The Family Canusa Vol. 1 . Though their version is easily forgettable, but rather the age of the players we want. They have - on average - 11 years, when registering their first two pieces. The family on Canusa Vol. 1 , the group name is spelled "The Flos," which is quite rational as nickname.
But "The scourge," or possibly "Flail", as printed on their 45 towers is a bit more daring. Probably another brilliant stroke of dear Tony.

Roof of laziness, I will file the version on youtube ...
The name "The Plagues" stick very well to their cover of Gloria Them, garage nugget here among the best. It is found elsewhere on the excellent compilation Rumble Denis Lalonde Store The Pick Up in Montreal. The words are stuck Roman Tony are great. Mostly sung by children: "I'm gonna tell you about my girlfriend / She came here often / Anse Forbans She was 5 4 / From the top of the head to the floor / She came to meet me here around midnight [...] Then she screams my name / She treated me like a man / She treated me so well ... "
"Then she screams my name / She treated me like a man "! And the singer was only 12 years?! WOW! That's something! The rhythm is primitive at the highest point, the drummer is not always on time, the bass is repetitive to the limit of hypnotism and the voice is youthful and noisy. Everything is there. It is solid.

BOOM! That's garage. Basically Quebec aside from that. Because here in Quebec, youth groups were common. The Leprechauns, The Astek , The Melody Makers, The Tremolos, Lionel and Peter, and how many Satellites others were barely teenagers when registering their biggest hits. The plagues are no exception.
Apart from these few photos of poor quality, nothing was tracked on the plagues. If you know these kids and know what they are now, please come! Email us at
felix_b_desfosses [at] hotmail [dot] com.

The plagues may have existed that the space of one summer, who knows. Featured Photo Section, released in July '66, we learned that the group will resume studies in September, despite its commitments in the dance halls of Lachute.


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